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Nicole is one of the kindest, most intuitive, and genuine people I have had the privilege of getting to know. She offers fresh perspectives and gently guides you to delve deeper to reacquaint yourself with the highest, fullest, best version of yourself.

~ S. Goncalves Oakville, ON

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Meet Nicole Dunn

Nicole Dunn is a well-known healer and has gained worldwide popularity as a Certified Transformational Life Coach and a sought after speaker, healer and trainer,

It was through her own personal journey that Nicole became enlightened to be in healing service to others and to bring her personal Spiritual Downloads to the world thru her Life by Design Spiritual Coaching Program.
She explains that “Struggle”, whether it be in the physical body, in the mind or the spirit ….. is likely our strongest calling to something greater for ourselves.

One thing Nicole says she knows for sure: We can ALL live happier, richer and healthier lives beyond our imagination, if we are willing to challenge our beliefs about who we THINK we are and what we are actually capable of accomplishing. She teaches the tools to break through the ceiling of our paradigms to live a much richer, fuller and On-Purpose Life.